Complexity of simplicity

Rule number one: “Your codebase should never exceed your dataset size.”

I wanted to write on how difficult it is to write something short, to the point and thought provoking, but I found myself too tired for that tonight. Some other day. Not enough time to be concise today.

But checking up on the build logs for my pet project* I just couldn’t resist not reminding myself about the “rule number one”.

There’s something a bit intimidating in the fact that building a 20 kb jar file takes a few hundred megabytes of dependencies. Just to build approximately 1000 lines of plain java code with no libraries, dependencies, frameworks or any other hidden surprises within. To put 8 class files (I think it’s 8) in a frigging zip file!

Rule number one: Your codebase should never exceed your dataset size.

Think about it.

* Do check it out. I’m pretty darn happy about how it’s coming along even despite me not having near enough time to think about it. For an experiment to learn by doing of what is involved in releasing OSS it’s coming out pretty darn slick. The code, that is. The functionality is secondary here.