IoT missteps

AT&T pilots dedicated IoT mobile network. Or plans to, at least. Oh my.

No. Just no. This isn’t just plain stupid, it’s a massive waste of everybody’s money and time. A separate network brings no benefits to the table, whatsoever. Nothing but headaches, an illusion of security and reliability and the inevitable management blunders.

What IoT needs is a better way to interface the devices with the big bad world and the user (which can be a blurry concept in IoT world) out there. Transport layer won’t solve this, it is a (fairly) difficult problem. I’m working on some thoughts on it, but it’s far too early to share anything yet.

Moving on to a completely unrelated topic… Today I’m excited to share an opportunity to invest in my invention of special paint for IoT devices. Makes IoT devices green (very). Massive market opportunity! Everyone wants their IoT to be green — just ask around at the next Greenpeace summit you can pop into. Also lots of market outreach opportunities to build critical mass via conferences and hackatons.

Clear opportunity to make $billions. Invest now. Supergreen! I promise it will be a far better investment than building dedicated IoT networks. Scouts honour! Circulated, non-sequential bills in a discreet sack only, please.