I have a running tally of where I’ve been. Let’s say tomorrow I want to show a Google Map view on my website with markers for each City I visited? I can pull the full Redis list, dedupe locations by filtering down on a particular Lat/Lon diameter, and then create a marker for each unique location. Boom, bam, pow I’ve got myself a map of where I’ve been. Sweet, right?
Where Am I Again?
Matt Gowie

A true delight: and I’m happy to see someone taking this up with a slightly more programatic approach. I remember doing the same thing with image tags back in 2010.

One thing I found immediately helpful in that process was introducing some measure of lag between when I was leaving a location and when the location information I was collecting updated.

even a half hour can make a big difference as far as preserving one’s personal operational security is concerned.

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