You enter the Young Men’s organization, and find that many of your lessons address physical appearance and sexual purity. You learn to measure your worth in terms of girls’ approval: Girls of the “world” will like you if you show off your body; girls and women at church say “modest is hottest,” so you win their approval by covering up. Your bishopess speaks at your Young Men in Excellence program, always quoting the scripture, “Who can find a virtuous man? For his price is far above rubies.” Your Young Men’s leaders teach object lessons on Virtue: a cupcake is passed around and licked; a fresh rose is mauled to death; a board is pounded with nails. “You can repent, but you will never be quite the same,” you are told. You notice that the girl is always the licker, the mauler, the hammer and nail; the boy is the cupcake, the rose, the board.
Dear Mormon Man, tell me what you would do.
Amy McPhie Allebest

given the current plight, I think we can safely say we fail across the board on this, and it’s heart breaking.

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