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Jul 5, 2017 · 2 min read

I think I was an EasyBib user back in the day, and I’m glad to see that you’ve stepped in to fill the void in this space. EndNote is just so cost prohibitive and slow to accommodate web-first sourcing.

Going direct to student is tricky, but there are a number of strategies you can use to help drive adoption.

I notice you’re using G.Anat at outset.

It would probably be a good idea to include Facebook and Twitter’s tracking pixels as well — even if paid acq isn’t on the immediate horizon. The reason for this is that as you’re getting started, you’ve got to pay attention to as much of the user data as you can get your hands on.

One thing I would do very quickly is get together a list of US campuses and match it back up to your metro/region view in google analytics. If you’re noticing a hot spot on a particular campus, direct your efforts towards driving adoption in those markets.

One handy trick that’s worked for more EdTech companies than one might like to admit is eating the cost for a “free” period (in your case likely a semester) and designing a marketing trench that promotes that activity directly towards Professors.

For undergraduates, that might mean culling through a university’s mandatory courses in common (e.g., Rhetoric at the University of Iowa) and approaching faculty to encourage them to extend the offer to their courses.

That works for a number of reasons, but one real advantage is the ability to quickly put up “blips” in your analytics.

I’ll ping you with an email: always happy to talk EdTech marketing.

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