wading into testing ads with Google AdWords and Facebook. We foolishly spent a chunk of our very modest budget pursuing this, which in hindsight should have been approached more methodically or outsourced entirely
Sunset for Saucedrop, and some things we learned along the way
David Fisher

it’s hard in an era for “different for the sake of different” to notice these things, but fwiw, we all recommend it because it’s a gold standard for a number of rather new techniques for thinking about audiences.

facebook tried to fix this a little bit with their blueprint offering they built with pearson. I’m not crazy about how the thing turned out but hey it happened.

I think one of the easiest (or best) eras of Facebook explaining Facebook was when they launched the Graph Search feature a few years back. just one quick example.

some of this stuff can make that a lot easier to pick up.

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