Cymbal attracts a unique breed. It’s an app built for music nerds. Each day these people think deeply about what song they want to share with the world. For most, that’s not part of the daily routine.
30 Artists To Watch (according to Cymbal users)

Not intending to throw too much shade here, but the charts still reflect fairly poppy tastes albeit inside of the college alt kid bubble.

I’ve long suspected that one of the challenges here is that no matter how much I enjoy something “new” I listen to, I have to enjoy it a lot to get even close to share/play counts on something I’ve loved in an earlier season of life.

I can’t quite tell if you’re avoiding this by id’ing power users and following them along (which is actually a pretty cool flow the more I think about it) or if you’ve come up with a clever way of sidestepping the legacy noise problem.

Or is it something else entirely?

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