Oh there is no doubt that popular music is still popular on Cymbal.

Oh Gabe my man, it makes sense. Like I said, I really don’t want that to come across as anything but objectively critical. You guys have tapped into my favorite unsolved problem in this space, love talking about this. If it had easy answers, it wouldn’t be worth doing, right?

I think you’re totally right, too, in hinting that this is forcing a kind of strange path with a horrifying fork in the road.

OTOH, optimizing for what people want to hear is by its by nature going to be better for quickly attracting users. On the other, I could see a real argument to be made that twitter followings aren’t very predictive of commercial viability, real listener numbers are. (As well of a number of downstream metrics that are likely to suggest adoptibility as marketing investment scales up.)

I actually just signed up with my public facing credentials to run the flow, you’re not wrong. You’ve got a userbase that is doing active discovery curation, but the explore tab foregrounds to the charts via whatever streaming service I’ve linked right?

I noticed you pull Twitter and Facebook friends pretty early in the flow, so I’m assuming that feeds there a little too.

I’m curious though, that three song ask is pretty neat. Have you ever tried a version of the onboarding that links new users up to relevant tastemakers?

I suppose you would need to have a pretty good grasp on which users are into what, but it sounds like you already are. Foregrounding that could be a cool USP.

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