Jun 9, 2019

4 min read


Technological advancements have in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges have been so frequent nowadays, with outstanding features ranging from speed to ease of use and other features that generally improve an individual’s trading experience.

However, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges have been unable to proffer solutions to the enormous issues facing the smooth exchanging of blockchain-based assets and also lack the insight of what’s coming in the nearest future in terms of blockchain developments and how to be ready and prepared for upcoming uncertainties like security breaches.

As a result, a lot of losses have been recorded by traders due to the weakness of these exchange platforms. In order to solve all these limitations and weaknesses, a blockchain dependent platform known as XCRYPT is being developed.

XCRYPT possesses great features and options which make it an outstanding decentralized platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It is focused on in-depth and widescale exploitation and the proffering of solutions to both present and future issues associated with digital asset exchanging, making it a sought-after solution by a lot of traders that need a superior, secure, and advanced network to trade their assets.


XCRYPT is centered on creating a medium which will be known globally for its professionalism, and reliability for digital asset exchange for traders. XCrypt possesses some great attributes that make it outstanding among other platforms; such as, a world-class trading engine which ensures incredible speed for order/transaction processing, no transaction fees and multi-lingual customer support, future innovative developments, support for ERC 20 and ERC 721 assets, fast deposit, and withdrawal and its acceptance of payment with FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Newbies need not worry because tutorials will be made available for those who wish to make use of the platform for their exchange. To make trading easy and convenient xCrypt will aid the process by developing a website and mobile applications with support for various operating systems.

To solve the problem of time wasting in completing transactions, the use of advanced technology is used to increase the speed during processing. The platform can execute over 2,500,000 transactions per second. xCrypt is also exploring many ways to tackle problems that may arise from an exchange and to make its platform the total solution traders need to execute their transactions.

XCRYPT will render 24/7 buying and selling of goods and services, and support for the adoption of a multi-language platform for traders usage. It will also provide an avenue in giving XCT holders some reward for their participation in the platform activities.

All information system that uses cryptocurrencies are secured and this is because XCRYPT is built on Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS). The platform gives traders different options on how to trade and on how to keep their assets safe.

The xCrypt token with the ticker XCT is a valuable token and it is compliant with the ERC20 standard. The token is used for the payment of the DEX system’s and also used as debit card fees. With the possession of the token, traders can partake at the partner ICOs’ RC which involve bonuses proposed inside the script ecosystem and to buy for its social media for PRO membership. The XCT token is also used as a reward for its newbies in the form of incentive to motivate for more usage of the platform for their transactions.

The total supply of XCT has been limited to 200 000 000 and its private sale is underway with its IEO scheduled to take place on IDAX and BITFOREX.


XCRYPT is focused on correcting major lapses encountered during the exchanging of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. XCRYPT is an end-to-end network offering numerous services in order to make trading easy and simple. Users can participate fully with the utility token and it can be conserved when not in use.

Looking at the level of technological expertise and the security features of the XCRYPT platform, it can be said that in the nearest future, it will be one of the top platforms for the exchanging and trading of digital assets.

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