Is Black Bloc a Racist Tactic in the Trump Era: Why White Activists Should Stop Wearing Masks at…
Nico Quintana

I have to disagree. It does make sense to cover your face to protect yourself from police violence. Black people are more often targeted by it, but that does not mean that political activists who challenge the power of the state can not be a target of repression (and at this point it is not relevant if you are black or white when you show up at an anticapitalistic demonstration).

By the way: if you get triggered because you see people wearing masks, that does not mean that it is not possible to change the meaning of the symbols — they are not ahistoric. In Germany for example black bloc tactics have always been a symbol and tactic of left-winged activists. Its associated with riots, anarchy and leftradicals. An individual who is born here will not associate it with the KKK or any other rascist group. It became a part of our identity.

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