Russell Westbrook calls Riley Curry “not that cute” and “actually kind of annoying”

Procreation does not make a family, a foundation or a reason for existence. In of itself, it is merely a result of an action. Spending time, willingly, with your family, does help to build a life. All those pictures, those moments, those times spent with a child on one’s lap, are the stuff of life, without which we exist without meaning or purpose.

This is a poem I wrote for my only son.

The Value of Time

Time’s value

Cannot be counted

Rounded, figured

or surmised

It’s worth does not lie

In leaping

Faulty resolutions

Springing ahead

Or falling back

Though it is counted in seconds

measured in minutes

honored by hours






the rigors of

the centuries

It is not of the essence

It cannot be saved


Or lost

prayer has no effect

bountiful pleas

dormant for the deaf

It marches on



It knows no boundaries

Save one

The value of time

Lies in that which we give

That which has no end

My limitless love

For you.

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