The Age of Learning

Karl L Hughes
May 6, 2017 · 1 min read

I meet a surprising number of people who have more or less reached the end of their age of learning. When they talk about things they don’t know, they talk about them in a reminiscent way — like “Oh yeah, spreadsheets? I never learned to do spreadsheets.” I even hear it in myself occasionally — “Do I really need Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook just to post photos?”

I got to thinking about learning because of this diagram showing many of the technologies in use by website software developers right now. I’m never going to know all that stuff. In fact, if history is any predictor, most of it will be defunct or out of vogue before I have time to learn it.

This career isn’t one where learning stops, and it looks like more careers are heading this way.

I don’t think future generations will ever reach an age where they can sit on their laurels and coast — at least not if they want to stay employed. We are all going to continually adopt to automation and disruption in every industry and every level of seniority.

Karl L Hughes

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Technology team builder, software engineer, and startup enthusiast. CTO at @GraideNetwork and helping technology speakers succeed at @cfp_land.