AESTHET 1T 16–17 midterm

Metropolitan Museum

I visited the Metropolitan Musuem last Oct 17, 2016 with my blockmates. In the First Exhibit called Configuring Philippine Print, I found 4 artworks that caught my attention.

First Artwork is called Two Women by Celeste Gordon. For me The message of this painting tells me that men and women have two faces. Both having a good side and a bad side. It may also be the face is happy, but deep inside he/she is really sad.

Second Artwork is called Aquarius and Capricorn also painted by Celeste Gordon. It is similar to the Two Women because it also shows a person having two sides. It may be a good or a bad side. Celeste Gordon’s paintings involved having two sides in his paintings.

Third Artwork is called Witnesses by Florentia Mota. The painting has a lot of faces and is called Witnesses maybe because even though there are a lot of witnesses you cant tell who is telling the truth and who is not. It may also tell us that women in the past is powerless and just witnesses to what is happening to our country.

Forth Artwork is called Diwata by Rod Paras Perez. This painting shows a woman and its reflection. For me It tells me the power of Filipino women. It shows their true strength and capability that they can’t show now in this era.

The purpose of this collection is to give tribute to the artists in our country. So our generation and future generations can learn how to value art and learn more things through art. The Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas tells that they are also into art.

The Second Exhibit is called Philippine Contemporary: To scale the past and present. I have chosen 5 artworks in this exhibit.

First Artwork is called Last Super by Norma Belleza. This painting is all about the last super of Jesus before he was captured. It tells us that religion is the number 1 thing that changed in our country. Wherever you go you will always see churches all over the Philippines.

Second Artwork is called Itak sa Puso ni Mang Juan by Antipas Delorato. It shows the Coca Cola sign and Mang Juan. Coca Cola represents the foreigners while Mang Juan represents the Filipinos. The Coca Cola is striking the heart of Mang Juan which means the foreigners looks like that they are helping us but they are really trying to kill us.

Third Artwork is called Basketbol by Emmanuel Garibay. It tells about the culture of the filipino people. Playing basketball is one of our hobbies. Ball is life.

Forth Artwork is called Spider Boy by Elmer Bolongan. It shows a car and at the back of the car there is a boy riding and hiding. It tells me that they boy wants to experience wealth, but he can’t because he is poor so he tries to ride the car and hide from the owner.

Fifth Artwork is called Senior Citizen by Diokano Pasilan. It shows a picture of a senior citizen. It looks ordinary, but if you look closely you would see the message of the painting. Senior Citizens are weak, but they have a lot to say they just can’t, but if you listen carefully they would tell you what you need to know.

In the Metropolitan Museum their rules are super strict. You are not allowed to take pictures of the paintings. If you want to take a picture you must become a ninja to have a picture. When we visited there were only a few people who visited maybe because there is an admission fee not unlike in The National Museum it is only free.