don’t joke about how disadvantaged certain people are in today’s society, because you should take social and material inequality seriously.
This is always the aspect of PC that I’ve related to the most — in the context of a society that…

A noble sentiment but it does throw up some interesting problems. For example: is joking about something mutually exclusive to taking it seriously? Do we take comedians jokes at face value or do we accept that their acts often involve a degree of playing a character? Can we therefore ascribe everything they say as the comedians ‘view’?

And what happens when such jokes are actually appreciated by the disadvantaged ‘targets’? I would argue that some jokes can function as a cathartic release, especially for the people who are the notional ‘targets’ of the joke. It’s all in how you tackle the material. To declare certain artistic choices verboten is to play into the hands of your opponents. It will turn moderates away from your position in their droves. Comedy (and life in general) is not as rigid and inflexible as ideologues believe and need it to be.

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