Bernie Sanders has betrayed his cause. You need not do the same.
Bernie Sanders has Betrayed his Cause.
Benjamin Mercer

Or perhaps he’s an adult who realizes that ensuring Trump doesn’t end up in the white house is more important than getting an ideal candidate for the left. Look, I’m no Hillary fan and I think she’s an awful candidate and a rape enabler who in most years I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. But she’s better than Trump. That’s 2016. That’s where we’re at. All the high minded rhetoric in the world won’t change that. Deal with it.

The grown up option is having to pick the lesser of two evils from a hawkish, morally unsound candidate and the fucking devil. To sit out your election on the grounds that you didn’t get all of your toys is to hand the keys to the kingdom to Trump, which is possibly the stupidest thing one could do at this point in history. You do not want to find yourself like the Brexit supporters who voted out or abstained in protest at Govrenment corruption, only to find themselves in a political hangover they still haven’t recovered from.