Karl Motey on How to Communicate a Merger to Employees

Karl Motey
2 min readJun 21, 2022


Mergers can help businesses expand and become more profitable. But mergers also bring a long list of unique challenges that must be adequately taken care of. One of the most notable challenges involves communicating with already existing employees and setting proper expectations about what to expect.

Nevertheless, how you effectively communicate with your employees will determine the success of this new business opportunity. Here are four practical tips that can make your merger a successful one:

Make the Announcement Personable

When announcing the merger, it’s much more effective when you do it in person. However, this is not always an option in today’s remote work environment. Nevertheless, you can still achieve a sense of authenticity by setting up a live video call with your team. Employees want to hear your voice and see your face, and this cannot be achieved with a letter, email, or written statement because these lack inflection, tone, and emotion.

Address Concerns

From a leadership perspective, a merger is predicated on strategic vision and dollars and cents. But from an employee’s perspective, it’s a highly emotional scenario. This can lead to concerns and anxiety. Employees will have questions like:

Meet Employees Individually

For most leaders, meeting with each team member is impossible. But it will be greatly appreciated if you at least make an effort to chat with top talent employees during the merger process. This lets you answer questions and put your most talented employees at ease. This will later increase retention and reduce the likelihood of costly turnover.

Empower Your HR with Answers

After making the announcement, it is essential that you provide HR with all the correct information. Ensure your informing them and empowering them with accurate information and resources so they can succeed alongside the rest of the employees.

A merger is a critical decision for any organization. By proactively communicating about the process at every step, you can create a level of transparency that will make the merger easier for your employees.

Originally published at https://karl-motey.com on June 21, 2022.