Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

I want to know one thing from you, Brock, you piece of filth. Your pal Podesta’s emails revealed that you pieces of filth had “leverage” over Bernie and would bring him on board when the time was right. I was a great, great supporter of Bernie, he was indefatigable, or so I thought. And then just before the convention, he caved, and endorsed Henry Kissinger’s candidate. This was not the Bernie we had seen. He looked totally beaten at the convention. I said to everyone: he was threatened, he was blackmailed, they got to him. And now from Wikileaks we know this is true. I don’t want to know what you had on him, leave Bernie in peace now. I just want you to know that *we know* that you blackmailed him. And now you’re trying to suck up to him. So disgusting.

Brock, what you must understand is that President Trump is *all your fault*. YOUR FAULT. You had a great anti-establishment candidate at the time when every indicator was screaming that people were truly sick of the usual suspects. You went out of your way to destroy the one man who would undoubtedly have trashed Donald Trump — even when he was relatively unknown, Bernie was beating Trump in the nationwide polls and was way ahead of Clinton. But *you knew better*. Well, you were wrong. I am so happy now that Trump is going to be in power in a few days. I hope he drains the swamp of filth like you.

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