The Real Reason Hillary Can’t Just Shut The Fuck Up And Go Away
Caitlin Johnstone

Spot on, Caitlin. As you say, they can’t admit they lied. So they adopt the pure strategy of the pure liar: double down.

What lies ahead is: more lies ahead.

I was a Bernie Sanders fan, and if the Democratic Party had been even remotely democratic, and I mean even remotely, I honestly believe Bernie Sanders would be be President Sanders right now. Did you read the recent article about George Soros commissioning a study to find out why the American working classes dumped Hillary and went for Trump? Even Soros’s academic toadies said: “The working class has been abandoned or exiled by the Democrats.” Bernie, on song and with a proper political machine behind him, would have slaughtered Trump.

I said it over and over during the campaign to the smug left with their clever comments: *you* are going to be responsible for the election of Donald Trump, and when it happens, don’t ever try to shift the blame. And this is exactly what Hillary Clinton is now trying to do: rewrite history, because she feels deep down that she owns history, and that history owes her, this is all wrong, she was destined to be president, couldn’t the fools see this? Can’t the fools see this now? Can’t these peons just get with the programme?

I’ve been saying it in forums since 2006, when I first got going online. Contemporary Americans are the most brainwashed population in the entire history of the world. Ask any Russian living under Stalinism whether they believed Pravda. They all knew it was all lies.

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