2016 Website Inventory

With the new year kicking off, I think it would be a good time to take an inventory of all the web properties I manage. I bought several domain names last year and am suddenly realizing it might become increasingly difficult to keep inventory of them all — so I’ll list them out:

  • karlnoelle.com; my first domain ever. It’s currently forwarding to http://foreverfascinated.co while I figure out what I want it to become, now that my portfolio has shifted to my “freelance business” url.
  • foreverfascinated.co; my freelance business of web design & development (and video/identity design/print work/etc.) It’s built on Semplice which I’d recommend to anybody. The portfolio isn’t 100% up to date, but hopefully I’ll find time to update it.
  • runpurpo.se; probably my favorite site I’ve built so far. It’s for my run group that I organize. I built it on Kirby and launched it in November 2015. My long-term goal is to built this out into a web app of sorts. Something that talks to the iOS app I’m (slowly) building to give runners a richer experience both online and in-person. R4AP is my guinea pig for all things tech & design that I want to learn and experiment with.
  • mpls.foodiecycle.com; a side project that has taken a backseat towards the end of 2015, MPLS Foodie Cycle is a quarterly event that combines biking with trying out new restaurants around the city. It has been tons of fun, but you know, #lifehappens. It was originally a lofty goal to have the event “organically expand” into other cities, which is why I went with the root foodiecycle.com domain. If you’re in Chicago, SF, NYC, et al… just hit me up :)
  • roadtoimwi.com; another side project from 2015. This was solely a blog website to document the training of 5 athletes training for Ironman Madison on September 13, 2015. I think I wrote one or two posts. I renewed the domain early this year with the hopes it could turn into an archived site of information that new athletes could reference. With all there is to learn in the sport of triathlon, my hope would be that we could help others out without confusing them all the further.

Along with a few client sites I host and manage, these 5 URLs are what I’m holding myself accountable to. (by the way, I use Dreamhost for hosting everything. They’re awesome.)

This post was 95% motivated by the fact that I learned how to deploy from GitHub to [website_name] via SSH last night. I’m excited because I’ve wanted to learn version control for the majority of last year, and just couldn’t get over the learning hump. It all clicked for me last night as I read, re-read and re-re-read Mark Otto’s tutorial, of which I’m forever grateful. I’m a little bit less scared of the command line now. I want to get all 5 of these (and future) domains setup through Git.

Here’s to a Version Controlled and Secure 2016!

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