Ten Interesting Pinterest Alternatives Worth Checking Out

Karlo Abart
Dec 3, 2018 · 6 min read
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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site that has taken everybody by storm very fast. Before the inception of Pinterest, there were not many sites that offered the same visual browsing experience.

It actually has a very simple premise: browse pictures that you like, follow categories that you prefer and bookmark the images that you like the most into neat folders. That’s actually it!

But you would not believe how addictive it really is. You just need to start and before you know it you spend two-plus hours browsing and pinning in a blink of an eye. Pinterest is not the only site that offers this kind of experience.

There are more new sites which offer similar options but with an added twist. Here are 10 very interesting Pinterest alternatives that are worth checking out.


But if you want to post your own videos and images you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Mamby is the only social platform that rewards its users by paying them in Bitcoin for the number of likes and views their posts have. It gives a completely different view on Bitcoin mining for people that are interested in doing so.


This site comes with a “More Like This” button, which simply displays for you more ideas, similar to the one that you have been browsing for. It even allows you to browse more without leaving the page that you have started on.

You can save your bookmarked images in a spreadsheet document, making it a unique feature for Juxtapost.


FoodGawker is a social site which is specifically orientated and dedicated to sharing and viewing pictures of food. You can get great ideas for recipes or simply share your own dishes here for others to see.

An important thing about this site is that it is curated. You can submit any pictures or links that you like, but editors need to review it before it is actually posted on the site. This prevents any pictures that are not food related making it in.

We Heart It

But the popularity of this site has skyrocketed just because of the target audience it attracts. It has a steady number of followers and the site is not ashamed to admit it. Compared to Pinterest, it lacks the pinning option but instead of a like button you have the “Love Button,” which essentially allows you to express your feelings about the pictures you see.

You can also install the “Heart Button,” which is an additional feature, allowing you to submit images that you find online to your feed on the site.


It offers you dynamic search capabilities and allows you to save all of your favorite items to your collection that you can return later and use for your own work. It works pretty much like Pinterest, but the material that you get is orientated and specifically aimed at designers. If you are a designer than this may probably be designer heaven for you.


People who use this platform can browse it for ideas or they can display their own work here and get feedback from qualified people or their peers. What makes it effective is that you can filter out your search based on color, projects, tags, and various other things. Or you can simply follow your favorite designer this way and get a full insight into their work. It is a great place for people who want to advance their skill and become better designers.

Dribbble may have the same idea as Pinterest but it greatly differs from it as it specializes in one solitary field.



This site specializes in people sharing their drink ideas and recipes of drinks that they have tried or would want to try out. It is not as community-centric as Pinterest is, but it allows you to publish or browse pictures of drinks and simply gives you an idea of new things that you can try out.


You can browse with ease and pin your favorite cool things that you find. But one important feature is that you can also find places to buy the things that you have pinned. Fancy functions as part social platform and part market. All the things that are listed there also include a link that will direct you to where you can buy them.

So next time when you find something cool and say to yourself “I want this,” you can start using Fancy as it can direct you to where you can find it in a few easy steps.


So if you are bored and want to get a good laugh, you can browse this platform and see all kinds of memes, funny pictures, and videos that can help you get through your day. This is a strictly “no-girls-allowed” club, but we highly doubt that one of them would actually want to join in.

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