As a one (wo)man show, you have a big disadvantage — there’s no one there but you. But you also have a big advantage — there’s no one like you.

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The day I became self-employed, I felt really special. I was so proud of myself because none of my close friends had done that and they all admired me for it. I was a self-employed communication consultant. I was an entrepreneur.

After six months, the feeling that I was doing something extraordinary was nowhere to be found anymore. It felt like everyone was self-employed. …

“Certainly, you can’t fail if you don’t even try. Here are 3 quick tips for a presentation that everyone will definitely remember.”


It’s the classic scenario: You have to give a presentation in front of the board, potential clients or at the university. Speaking in front of people is not exactly your thing and you don’t really feel like doing it either. So instead of trying to do your well, but ending up delivering an okay performance, why not do the opposite — do your worst! Certainly, you can’t fail if you don’t even try. …

“The goal of small talk is not to exchange information, but it still has an important communicational function.”

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Small talk is an informal type of communication that we engage in when we meet a person. We can have small talk when we meet a person who we didn’t know from before, when meeting a colleague or acquaintance at work or university or even with a friend, as an introduction to some bigger talk. Many people say that they hate small talk, but they don’t realize that small talk is not meaningless. As opposed to a proper conversation, the goal of…

You are next in line to give a presentation. Your face is red like an apple, your heart is racing like you’re about to jump out of an airplane and your t-shirt completely changed colour due to how much you’re sweating. This is called stage fright. Here is how to deal with it.

When we have to speak in front of other people, we instantly experience a feeling of discomfort. Everyone’s body reacts to it differently, but almost everyone has it.

I am a public speaking and communication coach, but when I was younger, I was nervous whenever I had…

“Adults may listen to you because you’re their boss, but children have to like you and trust you to even consider what you’re telling them to do.”

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Working with people can be difficult. Those who have ever found themselves in a leadership position know that people can have different types of work ethic, different habits, different preferences or completely different reality perception. They might not respect deadlines, avoid work or start conflicts for reasons that elude your comprehension. There are different kinds of people and working with them can present all kinds of challenges. …

“We need someone to coach and motivate the employees — but also to make sure they are having fun. You seem like a specialist for that.” This is what my boss told me on the first day of my new job.

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I work as a communications coach at a call center. You don’t need experience in a call center to know that it is not exactly the type of a workplace where people have the times of their lives. They are often stressed because they either have to persuade people they can’t even see into buying something or get be…

Karlo Krznarić

Communication Consultant & Entrepreneur with a background in languages, acting, entertainment and childcare.

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