Surround yourself with the right people.

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, improving health and being successful I think it depends massively on those around you. 
One of the reasons I feel crossfit is so successful and crossfitters achieve such good results is because of the community, that's what no other chain gyms or classes have, they don't have that close community of like minded athletes.

I've met many new people over the last year alone and I love to travel, I often meet the same cliché of people, living for the weekend, drinking and partying, which is fine if that's your aim. Yet I meet so many people who are also unhappy with their health, fitness abilities or body image and as harsh as it sounds I always want to say 'cut the dead weight and surround yourself with like minded people'

I honestly believe the people I've had around me the last 7 years have gone a long way to getting me where I am, and where I am is doing what I love and being the fittest and strongest I've ever been at nearly 30 years old with a very happy relationship with food!

From first walking into a local gym and meeting a personal trainer named Rikki, who was one of two people who suggested I try crossfit. To working in a gym with my friend Corey, who kept pushing me to train harder and enter more crossfit comps, not to mention kept me eating clean. To joining a crossfit box and meeting crazy people who like lifting heavy things, running around getting sweaty and drinking good coffee. 
The people we surround ourselves with can motivate us to achieve so much more than we would believe possible on our own. When people say it's scary going into a crossfit box the first time, I say of course it is! But anything amazing is going to seem scary at first!

If you are serious about pursuing a healthier stronger life then meet with healthy strong people in healthy strong places, no one ever realised a passion for health and fitness in a smoking area whilst holding jager bomb.

Love & Gainz


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