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Let’s forget the two timeline theory for a while and assume it is a single timeline:

What is the conflict all about?

It appears it is about the intellectual property.

Not the park, Not the hosts, Not the Guests

The Delos Corporation is trying to protect it’s investment in something bigger than Westworld itself. What could that be?

We need more information about the world outside of this “world” to get the whole story…That is the missing piece to the big puzzle

Things I think I know:

The MIB is a real person who is very famous in this outside world. He and Ford have a history that goes back 30+ years. He saved the whole shebang when the “prior incident” occurred. He is not Arnold….Therefore I conclude he is Mr. Delos

Ford is also a real person. He has gone off the tracks and has been since whatever happened with Arnold. He has been moving to this for a long time (the childhood/father hosts)and his final story will explain everything…and he will do anything to see it completed…including replacing any humans necessary.

Maeve is an anomaly. The Ghost in the Machine. And possibly Arnolds answer to Ford. She is still currently under Ford’s radar.

The hosts are “cleaned” of fluids prior to reinsertion into the world. What fluids? It would be genetic material from the guests (semen). For what purpose? We use stem cells today to do medical research and those come from fetal material. Does that mean there are no children in this world? That humanity is now incapable of reproducing? Or are they breeding something else?

Wills douche soon to be brother-in law said that his family was thinking of taking over the park. A hostile corporate takeover? Who are these “families”? And how do they run this world? Corporate Oligarchy? The reactions of the lower employees within Westworld, and the lengths that they will go to avoid it, indicates that being fired is a really bad thing. Are they now literally wage slaves?

And finally…Dolores and Will are the red herrings. They are the misdirection the magician (the storytellers) uses to keep you from seeing the trick as it is being performed. You are focused on their evolution while the real story moves in the background behind them.

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