Review: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

TL;DR Anthony Iannarino’s The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need is the only sales guide you’ll ever need.

Is The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need the only sales guide you’ll ever need?

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need makes a bold claim: It’s the only book on sales you will ever need. But is it?

The book starts with this premise: Why do a few, highly successful salespeople consistently outperform their peers?

Author Anthony Iannarino’s answers: The most successful salespeople outperform their peers with the right mindset and the right set of skills.

Iannarino writes the popular, and hosts In The Arena, a podcast on mindset and sales. (Disclaimer: I hired Anthony many years ago to help me improve my own sales efforts. He’s become an important resource for me.)

The Only Sales Guide is actually two books: The first is about the mindsets and the behaviors you’ll need to be successful at persuading and influencing; the second is about sales techniques. Mindsets include: self-discipline, optimism, caring, competitiveness, resourcefulness, initiative, persistence, communications, and accountability. Sales skills include: asking for commitments, prospecting, storytelling, diagnosing, negotiation, business acumen, change management, and leadership.

To be effective at persuasion and communications, you’ll need to learn to apply both those soft (mindset) and hard (sales techniques) skills .

Anthony’s goal is helping you sell to your dream clients: “Prospective clients for whom you can create breathtaking, jaw-dropping, earth-shattering value.”

For Anthony, selling isn’t Alec Baldwin in the classic Glengarry Glen Ross, Always Be Closing. It’s about helping — helping your dream clients get a result they can’t get without you.

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. Watch the clip.

Of course, reading one book — or a dozen books — on any topic will make no difference if you don’t apply what you read. Anthony ends each chapter with a series of three to five actions for you to take as well as source books to read. IMHO, The reading list alone is worth the price of admission but if you take the actions suggested, you will generate results.

There are a lot of great sales books out there but after reading, rereading, highlighting, and making to do lists based on Anthony’s book, I have to agree with the title: This is the only sales book you’ll ever need.

Originally published at on September 9, 2016.

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