The UX of Learning UX is Broken
Dan Maccarone

What a fantastic article. UX, which I remember initially as UCD from The Design of Everyday Things ( Don Norman) was, and still is to me, the very definition of how to measure and define behaviours when preforming product design. It is a fallacy that websites, since becoming ‘apps’ are always ‘products’. You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Products are often extremely complex and surprisingly difficult to judge, but websites are often simply created as Marketing collateral — brochure sites that sell. Apps are a new ballgame, but not if you are a Software Engineer. The problem is that these Engineers need to Design, and Design is so often led by an individual — successfully. However, this is now open forum and Business heads want in on the Design to justify their spend. Cue UX — the silver bullet to wasting Marketing budgets, which have so long been a necessary/given sacrifice if you wan to go big. the process for Business Development and Funding is now in the hands of the UX Team, often who are Designers, and so the Consultation process is now this ‘yellow brick road’! Well if you want to find yourself, then please do traverse this road, as it should be well trodden. the answers lie along the way. Just don’t forget to click your heels when you get lost!!

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