Who is Creating the Future Nobody Wants?
Joe Brewer

Alright Joe here is your cognitive cultural problam for the Eurocene:

It is 57 years since the SR-71 Blackbird took to the air and almost half-a-century since the Moon landing. Can the economics profession tell us how much Americans have lost on the Depreciation of Durable Consumer Goods since then? There were 200,000,000 cars in the US in 1995. At $1,500 in depreciation per year per car that would be $300,000,000,000 per year. So what does the economics profession say about all of those cars, air conditioners, computers, etc. etc. They got added to GDP but don’t get mentioned in NDP. Oh yeah, NDP doesn’t get mentioned much anyway.

On this site NDP gets underlined like it is a misspelling but GDP does not. What does Planned Obsolescence do for economics and the environment?

Our economists cannot do algebra.

So how do “scientists” not notice “economists” failing to do algebra for 50 years? Isn’t science a way of thinking?

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