How to Test the Sharpness of your Kitchen Knife

There is no denying the fact that a dull knife will slow you down while a sharp knife will make your prep work faster and enjoyable. A sharp knife makes it easy to control how the blade moves through the food, giving you control over your chopping or slicing or any other task in the kitchen. On the contrary, a dull knife makes it difficult to gain control over the blade, can slip and it is only a matter of time before you get badly hurt. However, there are some very simple steps that can be tried before purchasing a bra knivset to make your tasks easier in the kitchen:

  • Try to cut the tops off carrots, while they are being held, without the use of a chopping board.
  • Try to cut through paper
  • Try cutting through a rolled up magazine page
  • A sharp knife should be able to slice a tomato effortlessly
  • Try cutting the papery skin of onion, without sliding

All the above kockkniv test are very simple to try out and can help you to buy a sharp knife for your prep work in the kitchen. Then there are very general parameters for choosing the right knife that suits your style of cooking like the weight of the knife, an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip that should be taken into account when purchasing a knife. The ease of cleaning and that of sharpening are also of major concern.

The normal wear and tear of just using your knives will dull your knives over time. Now that we have an idea about how to choose a sharp knife we can benefit from a few tips on how to maintain their sharpness.

  • Use the right cutting board: the use of the right cutting board can dramatically improve the performance of your knife and help you to retain the sharpness of your blades and improve your ability to hold the knife while exerting less force.
  • Remember to clean your knife every time you use
  • Store your knives in a clean and dry place
  • Use knives only for the prep work and not as a can opener or for scratching surface this can lead to damaging the blade of the knife.

Keeping a good kock kniv can really change the way you cook and even home cooks and amateurs can lend a professional touch their cooking by using this knife. However, this needs to be regularly sharpened to stay in good shape. Consider taking professional knife sharpening services as once a year as an investment.

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