Hi Nick, I am heading down this path myself. A couple of questions if I may:
John Bird

Hi Nick,

Nice article (again). I was trying to do the same thing, but on a local cluster.

Everything installs fine, the EventStore is running on 5 (virtual) nodes in my local cluster on 1 machine. But when I try to connect to the Event Store dashboard I keep getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I added the URL ACL’s for the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE as you explained. But she won’t let me in … Been trying everything, but no luck.

Also, what I see is that the script keeps getting executed. It is called in the SetupEntryPoint like you explained. I used console redirection so I get the output in a log file, and the log keeps refreshing. So the setup script keeps executing over and over again, removing and adding the URL ACL’s.

Any ideas? I know, it’s almost a year ago for you probably :-)



(from the other side of the planet)

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