Quick backstory here:

So, my mom was ready to give birth to me, and headed to the hospital.

She had a C-section, and was out of it for a few days.

Our doctor was well known, and my mom was well cared for. Keep in mind, it is not customary to be treated with respect and dignity if you’re poor in a public hospital.

Once my mom was back to feeling like herself she started doing what she did best, taking care of others.

She started feeding most of the women in that hospital. One day, the women

gathered around to confess to my mom, “we must apologize to you”. When my mom asked “why?”, they replied:

“we talked about you so badly, we called you all kind of names and you’re so kind and considerate we’re sorry”. We noticed while we were been ignored after been here for so many days and you just arrived you had so many Doctors and nurses taking care of you, so we assumed the worse.She accepted their apologies.

My mother was an amazing human being who spent her life unhappy, because she hated to see people suffer.

She was always lifting people up in her own unique way. She hated the misery of the world, and was a devout Catholic.

Growing up, until the age of 7, after my first communion I never wore any other colors except blue. Why, you ask?

Remembered the lady from my mother’s dream, who told her about the baby she was going to have would be a queen and gave her all things made for a queen a dress, jewerly including the crown?

What I did not mention was the dress, that was given to my mom in her dream was blue. According to my mom, the woman was the Virgin Mary.

Growing up in Haiti as a child who could not wear any other colors but white or blue, because of a dream my mom had,was really frustrating, but, I was told after my first communion, I can wear any color.

I still remember the yellow dress I chose after my communion.

It was an exciting day.

To be continued.