You’d have to be more specific for me to be sure, but I think that comment is why a lot of people…
Thanksgiving McDaniels

It was specifically in reference to the line about Westbrook’s season “ending with ….. and a fight with a member of the media”, not the whole article per se, even though the article itself is as much hot take-y as anything you will find on first take. The ringer especially has bn pushing hard this anti-Westbrook narrative. Russell didn’t “fight” with a media member. He just refused to let a supposed journalist (one with a horrible history of trying to undermine the team and create discord whenever he could) make the situation about “all your teammates are horrible”. Yet the ringer constantly chooses to characterize it as a “fight” with a media member, no background, no context, no fairness. If you actually see an event and then you later see the media (mis)report it, your trust in them will be eroded so that next time when they report something you will just assume they are lying. This is how we ended up with people being pushed to the Breitbarts and Alex jones of this world. Like Nassim Taleb keeps saying “yes the fact is true, but the news is fake”. Picking an actual event/fact but then choosing to subvert it and use it to push a narrative, that is fake news