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KARMA 2019 (Artwork Created by PIXEOS)

Medellin, 6 February — 2018 was an exciting year for KARMA. The project was born, tokens were airdropped and the app was launched all within a matter of months. As exciting as it is to look at what’s happened, the focus has to be on today and the exciting things coming next. KARMA became the first social network to launch on EOS. As a result of KARMA going live, some amazing things have happened. Real people around the world, are waking up with a sense of purpose and creating awesome content helping out complete strangers.

We’ve created a social network where people value positivity, optimism & community over traditional social media platforms designed to make you physically addicted, who use you as their product as they sell your time and give you nothing in return.

Points Of Focus For 2019

Integrating an advertising platform into KARMA — Pay for Ads with KARMA
Implement deflationary mechanisms within the KARMA ecosystem
Making onboarding new users extremely easy — Simple sign up
Onboarding 1 Million Users — Mass Adoption
Adding features that improve:
1. Content Quality
2. User Discovery, Feature Discovery & Post Discovery
3. Enhance the user-experience at every level

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KARMA Ecosystem (Updated to reflect most accurate #’s)

Q1 2019

Easy Onboarding — Sign up for KARMA with Facebook
Improving UI and Adding Several In-App Features
Add CPU Emergency In-App

Q2–Q3 2019

Launch New Website
Advertising Integration — Post Boosting + Pay With Fiat
eCommerce Store Integration — Shop with KARMA
KARMA Web Version — Access KARMA on your computer and EOS wallet apps
In-App Games — Fun & addicting games with token burning mechanics
Charity Integration — Discover & connect with amazing charities

Q4 2019
Merchant Integrations
More To Be Announced… :)

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