KARMA Announces Staking Rewards

Users Will Soon Be Able To Stake Their KARMA.

We’re happy to announce that starting on Monday, September 10th, KARMA will now have staking rewards. Staking is beneficial to the KARMA ecosystem in so many ways.

Incentivizing Early Supporters

30 Million KARMA will be allocated as staking rewards for early supporters of KARMA. Users will be able to start staking their KARMA on Monday, September 10th. The 30 Million KARMA allocated to early supporters for staking will be broken up over 30 days. So, those who stake will be sharing 1 Million KARMA per day in total staking rewards.

Should there be any delays on the apps release, more KARMA will be allocated as staking rewards at an amount of 1 Million KARMA per day until the 1st version of the KARMA App is released.

Once the application launches, the staking rewards for all users will adjust back to 15% of the daily KARMA created through annual inflation as broken down below in this article.

How To Stake KARMA + Integrations

Users will be able to stake their KARMA a number of ways. Here’s some of the options currently in progress of being developed.

1. EOSTOOLKIT.IO (Monday, September 10th 2018)
2. SimplEOS (Integration In Progress)
3. EOS Lynx (Integration In Progress)
4. Inside of the KARMA App (When It’s Released)

Staking Details

  • Unlocked for transfer, 3 days after you “unstake” your KARMA.
  • Claim staking rewards once each week.

Daily KARMA Inflation After The App Launches

  • At 5% Inflation Annualy
  • 0.0137 % Per Day
  • 1,297,140 KARMA Created Daily

Total KARMA Reward Pool Breakdown

Everyday, new KARMA will be created to fund the ecosystem and become allocated as rewards. Here is the breakdown of how newly created KARMA will be distributed daily.

Content rewards — 70%

  • For Photo Content — 5% (3.5%)
  • For Video Content — 95% (66.5%)

Engagement (voting) rewards — 10%

  • Up Voting Posts
  • Down Voting Posts

Staking rewards — 15%

  • Auto Claim
  • Claim Every Week

Developer pool — 5%

  • To Fund Ongoing Developments & Improvements To The KARMA App

*Percentages are subject to change to adapt to real world conditions to improve the KARMA ecosystem.

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