KARMA Contract Updates: Never Worry About RAM Again

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KARMA Contract Updates: Never Worry About RAM Again

This is extremely exciting and is a giant step forward for KARMA. Users should NOT have to worry about CPU/NET/RAM, especially people new to blockchain. It’s been a focus of KARMA since day 1, to make KARMA as easy and fun to use as possible. We want to make the EOS blockchain & blockchain interactions within KARMA, invisible to the users. We’re excited to announce that CPU/NET/RAM should not be an issue for users on KARMA anymore.

The Primary Contracts For KARMA Now Cover:

Power Ups
Power Up history (used to make sure they get rewards if they powerup but haven’t claimed for a while)
Refund requests when powering down

Voter history (has someone voted this day)
Votes on posts
Inflation history
Daily post history

The Only Thing A User Will Pay RAM For Within KARMA

  1. Transferring KARMA to someone who doesn’t have any KARMA.

This is an edge case as 99% of users within KARMA have some. With the initial 2,000 bytes of RAM that karmasignups buys for new accounts, this minimal/edge case action should never restrict a user from using KARMA.

*If a user were to use their account outside of KARMA with another unrelated contract/dapp, they may be charged CPU/NET/RAM for those transactions.

CPU/NET Within KARMA Is Not An Issue

Users accounts are currently required to cover CPU/NET usage within KARMA. With the help of CPU Emergency, if a user ever runs out, a button pops up that when clicked gives the users 10 EOS delegated to them so they can continue to use the app.

KARMA Website: https://www.karmaapp.io/

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KARMA is a social network designed for those who create the value, to actually earn it. Users are incentivized to do good, share positive & original content.

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