KARMA Partners With EOS Cafe

KARMA Partners With EOS Cafe Calgary

KARMA is excited to announce a partnership with EOS Cafe.

EOS Cafe Calgary is an EOS Block Producer that has consistently added value to the EOS community. Beyond the tools they’re working on, and technical expertise, EOS Cafe’s larger mission is to open actual EOS Cafe’s all over the world. This is something that the KARMA team is extremely excited about.

KARMA has been working closely with EOS Cafe to raise capital, receive technical advisory and determine KARMA’s Tokenomics. EOS Cafe Calgary is a strategic partner that KARMA will work closely with to bring mainstream adoption of KARMA both now and in the future.

Imagine paying for coffee inside of an EOS Cafe with BEANS for the person after you, sharing that inside of the KARMA App and receiving KARMA from the community. The possibilities are endless. Look forward to EOS Cafe and KARMA working closely together in the upcoming months and future announcements! There’s much more to come.

Also, KARMA is happy to announce that EOS Cafe’s Syed Jafri is joining the KARMA team as a Technical Advisor.

EOS CAFE’s Socials:

Website: https://eos.cafe/

Telegram: https://t.me/eoscafe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eoscafe