Ambivalent Hillary Clinton Supporters: Do Not Say I’ll Be To Blame If “The Donald” Becomes…
Patty Jane

so you don’t think you could stomach voting for Hilary, well you better buckle up butter cup because if you and many other Bernie supporters don’t how exactly are you going to stomach 4 years of PRESIDENT TRUMP?!?! (that’s if he doesn’t piss off North Korea or any other country and get us nuked in the first year).

seriously if anything should make you want to vote it’s the very IDEA of PRESIDENT TRUMP. I too am a Bernie supporter, but let me tell you something, if he doesn’t get the nominations I’m going to vote and if it’s a vote AGAINST Trump. so be it.

at a certain point it’s not going to matter who I’m voting FOR but who I’m voting against. TRUMP HAS TO BE STOPPED!!! if you are not rich straight and white he HATES YOU! plain and simple. women, gays, black, mexicans, muslims: HE HATES YOU! he will do whatever he can to oppress you because you in some way disgust him. do not vote for this man, vote against him. I don’t care if they dig Reagan up and run a zombie version of him as a democrat. YOU WILL VOTE FOR WHOEVER IS AGAINST TRUMP THAT CAN WIN. don’t throw your vote away on a write in or for some independent or libertarian that cannot win, because basically that is a vote for Trump.

when good men do nothing, EVIL wins. Trump is evil! plain and simple. if you do nothing to stop it, what good are you?! if Trump does win, and I find out Bernie supporters didn’t vote AGAINST him, cause they ‘just don’t like Hilary’ I’m going to punch them in the throat. seriously I will hunt ever last one of you down and throat punch you! karma is a bitch! don’t make me do it!

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