These secrets I am holding are vital. Ever since high school i have been going down the road i like to call the “Dumb ass Road”. I have been making stupid mistakes such as lying and holding secrets. I have destroyed that once was the sacred bong between my father and I.

My parents were not rich and we live in a poor yet peaceful neighborhood in New York. They worked and managed to give my brothers, sisters and I presents when we asked for it most of the time. It was a sweet time. I was never a fool at one point. With a B average from elementary to middle school, I have managed to make minimum amount of mistakes. I wasn't the perfect child yet i knew that i was alright. That all changed in eighth grade when i decided to run away which scared the life out of my parents. I returned my house the same day and lied about the whole situation stating that i was kept inside the school and was not released. basically the story almost sounded like a kidnapping. When they discovered the truth I knew that my world would immediately shift.

The whole summer i was on punishment. From this point, the image that i once had started to fade. During the my high school years i got into more trouble with my grades and other stuff. It had nothing to do with drugs, alcohol, pregnancy or anything major like that. During my high school experience, my mother was battling cancer and by the Summer of 2013, 2 to 3 weeks before i started school, she passed away from the illness. Throughout my senior year in high school i kept my grades but as soon as I started college, I revisited and i currently have a residence at the “Dumb Ass Road”. I have failed 4 classes and i lied about. now i facing the possibility of being homeless. To be honest i have wondered whether or not my family life would have been better if i was not born. I am still keeping vital secrets from my family. I am kind of scared due to what i have done in the past. My brother and sisters still communicate with me but it does not feel the same. My Father. Every time he jokes with me it just does not feel the same. All the lies and horror i have put him through comes back.

I do not know if I will ever get the life that i once had back. I am writing this story not for recognition, but for the chance to help those who are about to make a decision that would change your life for the worst. My decisions have changed my life for the worse. STOP. THINK. SHUT OUT THE BAD DECISIONS. You don’t not want to be in my shoes. The DUMB ASS ROAD takes all. It can be a lonely road. As I am looking at my life now, I see my brothers and sisters reaching the top while I stuck at the bottom. So for those who are thinking of doing something stupid, just realize the consequences of your decisions.

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