3.1 Data modelling

Database design is important. Data models describe structured data for storage in data management systems such as relational databases.

This is the process of structuring and organising data. These data structures are then typically implemented in a database management system. In addition to defining and organising the data, data modelling may also impose constraints or limitations on the data placed within the structure. There are tons of data modelling tools out there. PonyORM, DBdesigner can be used.

In this post I’ll share the schema of my webapp.

The database contains two tables -

  1. Login
  2. Form

The login table will store the login details of a user ie, Username and password.

The form table will store the event details - event name, date, time and description.

Here are the links to my App idea and prototyping blogs-

App idea


What’s next?

In the next post I’ll share my experience of working with Postman.

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