How is your heart today?

I’m nowhere near the woman I want to be yet, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job at surrounding myself with a tribe of people who makes me feel beautiful in my own skin, loved for exactly who I am and grounded with the humility and grace I need in order to grow into that better version of myself I’m constantly striving for.
That is not to say self-confidence is extrinsic, or externally-imposed. Alas, the only force that controls the reaction to your own reflection in a mirror is yourself. What I’m trying to say is that, even on those days when you can’t stand the sight of your bare face or stretch-marked body (I have those often), the people who love you — those who are truly worth keeping around — will make you feel beautiful, empowered and unconditionally loved even when you don’t love yourself. When you erroneously label yourself as “unworthy,” they will remind you that grace is a gift to all, not a privilege reserved for the few. Nobody in this life is unworthy of it. Real friends will remind you that we are judged by the content of our hearts, not our physical exteriors. On nights when you are dressed up and feeling as confident as ever, real friends will remind you that your beauty can always be spoiled by an ugly heart. This is a fact that renders our stretch marks, acne, make-up, false lashes and strict diet regimens meaningless.

My tribe is my favorite teacher. I’m learning to look at myself every morning and ask: “do you like your heart today?” That is what matters to them. That is what matters to me.

The answer today was a resounding yes. Because even though I have a terrible spell of acne right now that anchors me in insecurity, my heart is good this morning and that is what matters the most.

How is your heart today?

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