The False Dilemma Fallacy

The use of passive aggression is pretty much agreed to be the most maddening, cowardly, and least-tactful way to go about expressing and subsequently solving interpersonal problems.

As intelligent beings, who, historically survive best when working, dwelling, living alongside one another (whether we like it, or not) we run into issues with others which can only be solved by communicating. Sometimes people do things that make us angry. Sometimes they just don’t do the things we think they should.

Most times, I feel as though the passive aggressive response, or playfully sarcastic remark, is the better of the two possibilities…

I love you, Apple, but I Already Have a Pencil

We tech fanboys (and gals), can’t seem to forgo the race to get our hands on the newest thing. New things are exciting to use, play with, and to simply be seen holding.

Not so many moons ago, FiftyThree had just launched their ever-popular Paper app—from whence, the crucible for all future sketching, painting, and drawing apps would be formed. The gestures were intuitive; the drawing tools produced beautiful results, requiring no formal training, and the overall experience quickly amassed a loyal following.

If creating amazing software wasn’t enough, FiftyThree was about delve head-first into the hardware world, creating a…

A Printable Backpacking Checklist

Anyone who has ever traveled knows the necessity of a packlist—it’s nothing new. However, while packing in general is a headache, the possibility of forgetting important items is of much greater consequence when packing for a backpacking trip. Once you’re six miles in, after an hour drive to the trailhead, you’re not going to be able to stop by Walgreens to pick up any forgotten items. What’s on your back is what you’ve got.

The Problem

While I’m no stranger to writing and utilizing checklists, spending time drawing up a list as important as a backpacking list is a painstaking and timely…

Karmon French

Branding and Interaction Designer — Formerly @

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