Why Positive thinking is Bad for you?

So, within this world of self-help gurus, there is an idea that if “you think positively then that will help you achieve that goal and help all your problems melt away.”

So, I believe that the idea does have some good parts about it, up to a certain point positive thinking can actually be a pretty good idea to help us reduce anxiety and also our intrusive thoughts. And because our subconscious mind🧠 can’t really say the differences between imaginary🪞 and real stuff🥽. If we are able to visualize positive outcomes then definitely it will probably help us reduce worry.

Now, in order to know why positive thinking is just not good, we will figure it out by understanding three points :

  1. The Progress Puzzle 🧩
The Progress Puzzle

So, let’s start from The Progress Puzzle when we imagine something for any sought of positive outcomes, then basically we try to trick ourselves into thinking that we have achieved that thing, but even though we haven’t necessarily taken any sought of actual steps towards achieving the goal that we really want. for example, I am writing this blog🖋️ and so, it is very easy for me to think that I am being productive and I have almost completed my blog and think that I am actually making some sought of progress. But all of this feels like work, but really doesn’t translate words and thoughts on the pages, and therefore, I’m engaging myself into thinking that I’m being productive and making progress but actually, I not making any progress at all. So the advice that I take for myself is that probably I should stop thinking about the work and actually do the work instead of thinking about it to the extreme.

The Thirsty Belief

Alright, so now let’s talk about The Thirsty Belief. In this experiment, the researchers got a bunch of thirsty people🍹 in a room and asked them to visualize that how would it feel to drink a glass of cold water. So afterward the researchers found out that the people who visualized drinking the water, their motivation and energy level for having drink fell📉 because they had already visualized having a drink. Obviously, they were thirsty like physically, they were still thirsty, but psychologically they kinda convinced themselves they didn’t need a glass of water. So we can say that positive feeling or positive thinking gives us some sought of full sought of engagement, where we think that we are doing well but the reality is completely different👎.

The Ironic Effect

And so there is another research that proves that positive thinking can even make us feel worse, and that is The Ironic Effect. So what happened was people who were not so productive or workaholic or you can say who was kinda lazy to do work, were asked to use self-affirmations like "I am a productivity guru.😌" It was seen those people instead of feeling good they actually felt worse. This was something that Daniel Wegner, Harvard psychologist also said. It basically means that if suppose a lazy guy says himself with this self-affirmations stuff again and again then it ironically means that you are convincing yourself about being productive but you are not really are, so ultimately you are kinda cheating yourselves, which is very similar to the Progress Puzzle stuff that I mentioned above☝🏻.

So in the end, I just wanna say that positive thinking is good to an extinct but sometimes not so good as we keep expecting. I believe the solution here is to reframe the idea or the thinking that we have about negative thinking and really apply even negative thinking in our lifestyle sometimes. So it doesn’t mean "stay negative❎" all I wanna say is "sometimes stay negative🤔".




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