What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

Man, I recognize exactly the mental feels behind all the shopping-not-shopping! I do this too.

Generally I relegate my window-shopping and fabric-petting to my lunch break (work is by a bunch of stores within walking distance but they are not on the way to the train home for me). I feel like I don’t really have an after-work routine because there is very frequently Something Going On (weekly pottery class, a meetup, a talk/lecture) and if there isn’t it’s all dependent on how long work takes, which (if either) one of me or the BF has a Dinner Idea, if we want to execute it (go to the store, cook the thing), or just phone it in and go out/order in/have cold sandwiches/cereal for dinner and then tinker around with things/play video games/watch a Netflix. So there are a lot of variables. It’s a mix/match kinda life.

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