Basically, a lead is a person who needs a particular product or service and is looking for a way to fulfil this need by interacting with a vendor or provider. We call a person a lead after they convert, which means they shared their data with a company for further use. These potential clients are very valuable to all businesses as they are almost ready to purchase. Mind the word almost — a lead can change their mind about the purchase or buy the product from your competitors.

This is why the road to convince the lead to buy can…

In this piece, you’ll learn about:

  • What machine learning is and why, along with data science, it has become so popular
  • How to apply lessons from machines to marketing and sales
  • What results machine learning can bring
  • What solutions are worth investing in

What is machine learning?

Machine learning lets us take relevant information and from a mass of data and identify the key behaviors that have significance for business, marketing, sales and other fields, including those associated with the quality of daily life and thus customer experience management. …

How many features will I use? How do I know if this the best option for my company? Will it be worth my time and money? If you’re wondering how to choose a marketing automation tool for your company, you’re in the right place. Find out what factors should you focus on to make a smart choice.

The tyranny of choice, or the paradox of choice, refers to a situation when too many options cause anxiety and make it even harder for a person to make a decision. …

Increased usage of mobile devices gives advertisers new ways of acquiring and retaining customers.

Marketers who know how to use the power of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or geographical data can display an elastic range of content on mobile devices.

Proximity marketing is the practice of promoting products or services based on a customer’s physical location. This form of promotional activity takes place in the context of a digital-intensive world where users may choose to focus on their virtual activities in different ways. Let’s get a little closer to the idea of proximity marketing.

Where can you use proximity marketing?

The first places that come to mind when…

Thanks to marketing automation software capabilities, prospects and customers are presented with a consistent and integrated experience based on the omnichannel approach. However, marketing automation benefits come at a price of certain challenges connected with the first steps in using MA. Here’s a short list of each — check it out to avoid unpleasant surprises and focus on the good sides of the change.

As the main reasons for using marketing automation, marketers name an increase in the number of leads (29%) and revenue (31%). When implemented and utilized properly, marketing automation software gives them exactly what they want. …

Why do some websites constantly win in popularity rankings, and others don’t attract users despite spending enormous amounts of time and money? The most important reason is the way they are set up to interact with visitors. Let’s take as an example. Navigation, recommendations and the purchase process are optimized to make customer’s life as easy as possible. If, like Etsy, you want to be more UX friendly, learn how to avoid the UX mistakes listed below.

1. Forgetting about first impressions

They say that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Imagine that you are organizing a party for…

GPS location systems, automated devices in our homes like automatic blinds or temperature control are examples of intelligent systems that collect data and use it to control things. These systems use machine learning and neural networks — ways to support human activity thanks to the processing of smart information. Let’s take a look at the secret sauce behind this rising star of technology — in theory and practice.

How neural networks work

Neural networks in machine learning are a subset of algorithms that make the AI magic happen. The way they operate is very similar to the inner workings of the human brain, with…

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