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Hi, lot’s of really valuable points! I agree with the description about the nature and how hormones affect our actions.

Yet I guess that “the problem” with current situation is that SUCCESS is defined in males categories. The modus operandi of successful people are way closer to natural behaviors of a man — aggressive baller who pretends he is 3 times bigger when hanging out with his bro’s.

I wish I could just naturally be more aggressive instead of humble, but I am not. I can work on it, of course, but then come also some additional barriers — guys informal yet still business meetings in saunas (or strip clubs) where lot’s of trust is being build and huge amount of information exchanged.

I do agree, it is possible and women had more chances then ever before to become a successful tech entrepreneur yet it is still easier to become one when you are a dude and hormones (and bros) just work in your favor.

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