Winning over my sugar addiction

I am a women and I am complicated. I have thoughts all the time, I like to talk non-stop and I have cravings for different things, but I am dealing with it. Today its my 50 day without sweets.

I cannot believe that I am really doing it, because I had always a big addiction to sweets, pastries. It was a bliss to take a coffee and a cupcake. Whenever I was feeling tired, sad, lonely, stressed, depressed or even very happy, I would buy some pastry and enjoy it with my daily coffee.

The same as intoxicants, it was my addiction and I have to say that it was easier to quit smoking than to stop eating sweets.

When I started I was not sure that I can do it. I am 26 years old and the last 50 days were the longest time without sweets. So as you can imagine I was really doubting about my capabilities to just stop. But I thought that its enough, I have this allergy for sugar and whenever I eat something sweet, I immediately get sratches on my skin and since I remember I was using medicine and putting it on my skin.

I thought: will I really let myself to have skin problems just because I am not able to stop eating that small piece of cake? I said no. Its enough and I will win over my addiction.

I decided to go on 100 days without sweets and see what it happens or in other words to proof to myself that I am stronger than my addiction. I didnt know if do only 100 days or more and I still don‘t know, but for the past few months my life has changed a lot, so I am continuing non-eating sweets.

Benefits of releasing your sugar addicition

  1. Loosing weight and getting in a good shape

At first, I lost a lot of weight and my body shape together with sport was becoming better and better, every week I can see more clearly muscles and how the shapes of my body are getting better. I dont need to be on a diet and can eat even late in the evening and I am still loosing weight.

2. No more sleepy days, depressed mood and short memory loss
Another crazy thing which I noticed was that I am not sleepy during the days, I have much more energy and my moods became more stable. I dont have these sugar rush anymore, so I am not that hyperactive as before and I don‘t get this depressing mood after my sugar level goes down. I feel that it effected my brains a lot. I used to have these short memory moments when I couldnt remember some things and it used it scare me a little bit, because I didnt know if it wont repeat more often. For the last 50 days I didn‘t experience even one such moment. Its amazing. I am super productive, achieve much more and can think more clearly. Of course I am meditating, eating healthy, doing sports and other things which contribute to it, but to a person who is living this way, its extremely surprising to understand how cutting only one product, can change your life.

3. Eating normal food
I started eating normal food. Before I used to consumer so many sweet that I didnt even want normal food anymore, I was not hungry and the worse I was prioritizing sweets over normal food. I knew that if I dont want to gain weight, I have to count calories, so guess what? I consumed all my calories from sweets and there was almost nothing left for normal food. Now I am enjoying food with my partner, and instead of croissant in the morning, I eat raw bread with avocado. Sometimes I do want something what reminds me how it feels to eat a cookie, so I do my own no sugar cookies. Last week I made cookies from coconut and it was amazing!!! Or I went to this vegan place in our city and ate mango and cashew raw dessert. How wonderful it was and the best that its completely raw and natural. It made me so happy and not only for a moment how it does sugar, but I kept on feeling that way the whole day.
All in all, I dont know what will be after those 100 days, but what I do know is that it will never be the same as it used to be.

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