I cannot complain…
“My complexion is white”,
At least, is what they say…

I cannot complain…
“My husband doesn’t beat me, he loves me”,
That’s what he says…

I cannot complain…
“I do not have to work, I can lie all day”,
But I talk to the walls, I’m insane…

I cannot complain…
“My child is advanced and strong”,
But I cannot make her obbey.

I’m a monster!
’Cause I feel incomplete…
I have a carrying husband
And a child that is so sweet!

I’m a monster!
How dare I wish to disapear
When they love me so much
I should live happily and cheer!

I’m a monster!
How can I want anything else?
There is so many women
That have no one but themselves!

I should feel bad
For being depressed…
Some dream with it,
But so little will ever have it!
Some had it one day,
But they lost it, imagine their pain

How can I complain?
I’m a monster…
I hurt my child this way!
I should be locked up away…!