How to flash Betaflight 3.1.6 on the E010S

The Eachine E010S is an amazing little piece of hardware, but it comes with Cleanflight installed out of the box. This article will describe the steps necessary to make it run on Betaflight, so you can have a better flight.

The flight controller is called Micro F3. If you go to the Cleanflight CLI you can find out the firmware target by using the version command. It is SPRACINGF3, so go to the Betaflight releases page and download the appropriate HEX file. Save the PID tuning settings from Cleanflight (make a dump or a screenshot), because it is best to copy them later to Betaflight. I used the Cleanflight Configurator to flash the new firmware. Go to the firmware flasher, check Full chip erase and set manual baud rate to 115200. Load the downloaded firmware HEX file and hit Flash. It’s not necessary to mess with the boot pins.

Once programming is successful you can connect to the board using Betaflight Configurator. The software needs to be configured for the brushed setup or else bad things will happen, like the motors will spin at full speed as soon as the battery is connected. First the motor protocol has to be set to brushed. Unless the motor protocol is set to brushed it won’t be possible to save the motor_pwm_rate either. The following are the CLI settings I used.

set motor_protocol=brushed
set motor_pwm_rate=1000
set max_throttle=2000
set min_throttle=1060
set min_command=1000

Also check the GUI whether MOTOR_STOP is turned on, but it should be on by default already. To have telemetry with the FrSky version, you also have to enable VBAT and RSSI_ADC and enable TELEMETRY itself on the Configuration tab.