How to use Telegram with your own free proxy-server

To use Telegram with your own proxy-server you need to make three simple steps:

  1. Get free VPS on Amazon.
  2. Install proxy server on it.
  3. Configure Telegram to use this proxy-server.

Now more detailed:

  1. Register on Amazon Web Services
  2. Go to AWS Managment Console
  3. Click “Launch a virtual machine”
  4. Select “Amazon Linux 2 AMI” tier (this is for free for one year). When wizard ask you to create security group add inbound rules: ssh port 22/any, telegram port 1080/any
  5. Click “Review and Launch”
  6. Generate key pair for tier.
  7. Get Putty.
  8. Generate ppk-key from downloaded pem-key file.
  9. Connect to your tier using ppk-key and login “ec2-user”.
  10. Install, configure and launch dante-server:

#sudo su
#mkdir /var/run/sockd
#yum install
#yum yum — enablerepo=gf-plus install dante-server
#systemctl enable sockd.service
#mv /etc/sockd.conf /etc/sockd.conf.orig
#nano /etc/sockd.conf

internal: eth0 port = 1080
 external: eth0

socksmethod: username
 user.privileged: root
 user.unprivileged: nobody

client pass {
 from: 0/0 to: 0/0
 log: error

socks pass {
 from: 0/0 to: 0/0
 log: error

#useradd telegram -M -s /sbin/nologin
#passwd telegram
#systemctl start sockd.service

Congratulations! Now you are ready to use your own free SOCKS5 proxy-server with Telegram.

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