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Tall Ball:

PG B. Simmons ($1)

SG P. George ($4)

SF Giannis A. ($3)

PF A. Davis ($5)

C P. Gasol ($2)

No super egos here. Simmons and Giannis would be the main facilitators. George and AD would demand double teams like Shaq and Kobe used to. AD and Gasol could be the greatest hi-low post threat since Duncan and Robinson. They’d kill GS on the boards. Every possession would start with posting up whoever is being guarded by Steph. They can play fast or slow. The only weakness would be three point shooting.

Individual Matchups

Simmons would physically dominate Curry, and his combination of speed/length would bother him.

George and Klay would cancel each other out.

Giannis A. would give Durant a difficult time defensively.

AD could guard Draymond, but Draymond can’t guard AD.

Gasol could get away with guarding Iggy if put his mind to it.

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