My attempt at a more balanced day.

Since I graduated from college in 2010, I’ve been deep in student loans. I don’t do well with other people telling me what to do, especially when I disagree with their direction, so naturally I’m not a great fit for the normal 9–5…

The four ways we view any subject.

Abstract or Concrete

Everything (object, person, situation) is simultaneously an individual and member of a larger group. Everything has its own spectrum of characteristics. On the left end, there are common characteristics it shares with all of existence. This side of the spectrum is a more abstract representation. On the right end, there…

Illustration by Jehoaddan Kulakoff

What if the secret to greatness isn’t hard work, but instead the ability to make work easy?

Older Laughlin = Great Swimmer

Meet Terry Laughlin. After turning age 55, he suddenly became a four time National Masters Open Water Long Distance Champion and multiple record holder in his age group. According to achievement, Laughlin is a great swimmer.

Younger Laughlin = Below Average at Best

This is a sharp contrast to the first ten years of his swimming career…


Devoted to joy + appreciation. Serving creators. Surrounded by great vibes, brilliance, and beauty. | 27. Virgo/Libra. DC.

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