Can you have my attention?

Before you can sell, you need to have their attention. Before you can ask if someone’s interested in buying your shit, you need to have the attention of that person. No attention, no person to sell. No attention, no sale.

So who has attention? There are people online who have disproportionate amounts of attention. Most people and companies have little to none. In general, this is the case.

But the ones who have attention, they have it — by a lot.

Pewdiepie, otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg, has so much attention that it brings him millions and millions in revenue each year. One guy. He has so much consumer attention that he can influence the sales numbers of indie game titles.

We can debate all day long whether his videos are the most professional or not, or that do we think that he should have the amount of attention — it really doesn’t matter. The market decides where its attention goes. Not us.

Most of us are trying to sell without any attention. We send out email newsletter with direct links to checkout pages, and then wonder why it’s a little empty in the analytics. Attention _before_ sales, not after.

Try it for a week. Try what effect it has on your business, if you have people’s attention before selling. Come up with a way to capture their attention.

What are tactics to capture their attention? That’s not part of this post. Building is about strategy, not tactics. Strategy is for long-term, tactics are for short term.

Maybe you can send a cookie to your every customer. Maybe you can call your every new user. Maybe you can hold events to clients in every city with free food. There are million different ways to capture attention.

When you have captured people’s attention and can keep it, then you can start to experiment with tactics.

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